Video Tour of Aliso Canyon and Aliso Creek Trails In Orange County, CA

This video tour begins at Canyon View Park. When you start at the northern most entrance most of the trail is down hill. So it’s a great place to start for new riders or hikers. The Wood Canyon Trail is the the main trail through Aliso Canyon Wilderness Park. It is a nice rolling dirt path stays close to Wood Creek.

The many creek crossings make the Wood Canyon and Aliso Creek Trail enjoyable and cool. The majority of main trail is wide and well maintained. Although erosion and water flow has a major effect on the trail. So regular visitors can see many erosion related changes along the trail.

There are many great trails that intersect the main trail. For the most part we stayed on the main trail. But we did take a detour onto Coyote Run, a single track trail that runs along the west side of Wood Creek. You can explore the side trail that go all around the park. You will see many different kinds of indigenous trees and plants along the trails.

The video takes you past the trail intersections listed below from North to South. Popular trails are Lynx, Acid Rain, Wood Creek Crossing, Coyote Run, Rock-It, Hunwut, Mathis Canyon Trail, Dripping Cave and Meadows. These are some of the traveled trails in the park but there are over 30 trails to choose from. We look forward to seeing you on the trails in this great orange county wilderness park! 

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