Fantastic New Homes at the Laguna Hills Mall in 2022 and Beyond

We toured the outside of the Laguna Hills Mall – the Indoor mall is closed.
Laguna Hills Mall Rendering

We visited the closed Laguna Hills Mall to see what it looks like now. Then we visited Oakbrook Village the shopping center. It is next to the now defunct mall on the south east side to compare and contrast the locations. Oakbrook Village has mixed use spaces and appears to be are a success. The Oakbrook Village, development is like a small test model development of the new mall design. The developers of the new Laguna Hills Mall property plan must have used this location as a proof of concept for the mall… Oakbrook Village has retail establishments on the ground floor. Then condos on floor the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the building with a shared garage located in back of the building. Walking distance from the condos are several major retailers. Trader Joe’s, Marshalls and See’s Candies and all a short walk away. There are also several restaurants in Oakbrook Village. El Torito, Woodies Dinner Minami Japanese Food and Scratch Bakery are all very close. I have not tried Scratch Bakery but it was really crowded with a lot of people so it must be a good place…

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The Laguna Hills Mall isn’t 100% dead. Several retailers are stilling doing business on the property. Firestone Tire, Kings Fish House, In-N-Out Burger, Subway, Ruby’s Diner, BJ’s Restaurant, Woodfire Kabob Grill and Nordstrom Rack are all still operating. Unfortunately, Sears, JC Penny and California Pizza Kitchen all closed years ago. We hope they will return when the new development is complete. It will be interesting to see how many of these retailers stay at the mall. We also look forward to new restaurants, shopping and entertainment to be part of the Laguna Hills Mall experience. Even with serious competition from the Irvine Spectrum Mall to the North and the Mission Viejo Mall to the south, a well-planned Laguna Hills Mall can be successful especially with a built-in client base from the mixed-use retail space on the ground floor and residential apartments on floors two, three and four. Both the Irvine Spectrum and the Mission Viejo mall don’t have any mixed use buildings and may be at a dis-advantage to the new Laguna Hills Mall. I’m not sure about the time frame of the construction but its nice to know the plans are in place. I am looking forward to see how the mall’s transformation will improve the city of Laguna Hills. And improve the housing opportunities for all who choose Laguna Hills for their home. The success of the new Mall will be a blessing for South Orange County.

The size of the land to be developed is quite large with 68 Acres of total land. Most of the land space under utilized parking lots. The site off the 5 freeway is valuable land and should be well though out. Extra housing will provide many benefits for residence. The development should have hundreds of units of affordable housing. And more expensive moderate to high income. Many of the homes will meet the American with Disabilities Act regulations. This transformation of the mall property will also bring up to 8,000 jobs to the area. And it should also bring back the sales tax revenue that was generated by the old mall. The old mall provided 37% of the sales tax revenue to the cities operating budget in the past. Getting the revenue back will be great for the city’s financial future.

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