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So You Found A Home You Want To See, YOU MAY NEED TO SIGN A CORONA VIRUS WAVER FIRST! Buyers or the buyers representative must contact the seller or the sellers representative and see if the home is available for in person showings and if so what is required before it can be seen. Don’t…
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How much home can you afford?

Should We Buy A Home Now Or Wait?

Easy way to Calculate the Cost of Waiting As a real estate and home professional, I have the opportunity to tell our customers about the many things that affect home affordability. Two factors potential home buyers may consider in the timing of their purchase are home prices and interest rates. Home prices and interest rates can…
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Should You Remodel, Rent Or Sell

Remodel Or Sell? What Should You Do? – An Owners Guide –

Remodel Or Sell? What Should You Do? – An Owners Guide –   No one likes every single thing about their home. But you liked enough where you bought it anyway. Many buyers found the fatal flaw months after you closed escrow.   This guide will help you decide if you are better off remodeling…
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The Orange County Housing Market Is Slowing Down!

Planning to Sell Your Home in 2019? Here Are 6 Reasons To Do It Early In The Year!

bureau of labor statistics Planning to Sell Your Home in 2019? Here Are 6 Reasons To Do It Soon! My name is Grant Loel, I’m a multi-million dollar listing agent in Southern California.  This article will cover the general housing market conditions in the United States.  But I will also reflect upon my experience selling homes in Orange County…
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Lowe's In Aliso Viejo Closing

Lowe’s is closing 20 stores in the United States!

Lowe’s is closing 20 stores in the United States!  Only 2 Locations Left in South Orange County! Lowe’s is closing the majority of its stores in Orange County!  A Lowe’s company spokes person said on December 10th that it will close 20 stores in the United States as part of its plan to focus on…
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Photo of the front of The Home Depot

10 Ways To Save Sometimes Big Money At The Home Depot

  Home Depot Has A Price Match Policy that Includes The Cost Of Shipping! When I’m planning a purchase on a big ticket item like a refrigerator or a range; I keep a close eye on Home Depot’s competitors like Sears, Lowe’s, ACE Hardware and other local stores. That’s because I know Home Depot has…
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Reduced Price Sign

When Should You Reduce The Home Asking Price?

The Market Sets The Price How do you know when its time to reduce the home asking price?  First you need to determine what the asking price should be, based on market data.  Keep in mind that the home your trying to sell is worth what some one else is willing to pay.  When you…
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Nice Looking Christmas Tree

Is selling during the holidays smart?

Is it a good idea to sell during the Holidays? There’s one question I’m often asked around this time of year: Should I wait until after the first of the year to buy or sell? Today I’ve got a few tips and suggestions to help you make the decision that’s best for you: 1. The quality…
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Young Couple meeting Realtor or Lender

Home Buyers Advice: Who really needs to put 20% down?

Is it really necessary for buyers to put 20% down? First-time home buyers often turn to search engines like Google to answer the numerous questions about buying a home. The opportunity with Bing, Yahoo or Google is that it can lead you to reliable resources like blog articles, news articles, and others in the know for…
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